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 Hello folks;

Gary Jenkins here on behalf of the losingfatfacts team. The photo you see of me is from several years ago and was taken on the bottom-side of a many years long 50 to 60 pound yo-yo. Since the photo, I’ve been on the up-side of the yo-yo several times. Does this sound like a familiar story?

For me the cycle started when I was 29 years old. Up until that time I had maintained a body weight of 169 pounds for years. And then, at age 29, BAM, it was balloon time. No warning, no triggering events that I was aware of,  just seemingly instant fat gain. Each time this occurred, I’d quickly balloon up to around 225 to 230 pounds. Then I’d get disgusted with how I felt and how I looked and at a vastly reduced wardrobe.

I’d go on a crash starvation diet, drop a lot of fat fast and get fit in the process. Then, it was back to my “normal” eating mode and away we go again.

Finally I got sick of the cycle and decided to get smart about the topic of fat gain and fat loss. I’m now at a comfortable 172 pounds with the commitment, and importantly, the knowledge to stay there – – without stressing over it and without having to resort to ridiculous, harmful measures.

What I have to share with you on this web site are the results of my getting smart process. I’ll share the facts with you as I’ve learned and experienced them, especially about how to go about this fat losing business SAFELY. Let me emphasize that. The focus of the material I present on this website will be on how to SAFELY LOSE WEIGHT.  And it’s not just for  “yo-yo folks” like me, but for anyone who is interested in losing fat.

Have a browse around and if you have any questions contact us.

And if you really want to know “bunches” about us, check out the other website that my wife and I have been collaborating on for years.  A Foreign Affair Review.


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