In your quest to SAFELY lose weight, you need a good physical program, a good mental program, and obviously, you must have a good diet program. In this article we’ll discuss how to BUY THE BEST DIET program.

If you are very knowledgeable about nutrition you can design your own diet. But if that were the case you probably would not have a weight problem to begin with. So your best action is to buy a diet. But in doing so you want to buy the best diet.

So what is the best diet for YOU? Following are several factors for you to consider so that you can buy the best diet.

They are not listed in any specific order of importance since each person will have their own priorities.

So here we go – – Factors to consider to buy the best diet:


To buy the best diet you want one that is affordable. And that means not just from the purchase price alone, but also from the usage standpoint. A diet that requires several hundred dollars per month in consultation fees may be a good diet but totally inappropriate from a cost standpoint. Likewise, a diet that requires a boatload of expensive supplements probably won’t fit a normal budget either. And then there are the “organic only” and custom ingredient diets. More expenses.

It’s okay for a diet to recommend organics or custom ingredients, but not as a mandate for success. The diet protocols must stand alone as a plan for success relying primarily on everyday, readily available foodstuffs. Otherwise it’s just more expense for dubious results.

So know in advance what your budget is and exclude any diet that won’t fit your financial parameters on a long term basis.


Each of us is unique and has likes, dislikes, lifestyle circumstances, and existing physical requirements. Buy the best diet that will accommodate your personal situation. If you are diabetic, have a low or high physical activity level, have cultural dietary restrictions, food allergies, etcetera, your new diet must be able to be adapted to the realities of your life; and it must do so while maintaining its effectiveness.


Stress is a fact of life in our modern society. And it contributes greatly in many ways to our being overweight. So the last thing you need is a diet that contributes to your stress level.

A diet that has you obsessing over food portions or some formulaic mumbo-jumbo, or worse, leaves you perpetually ravenous, increases your stress level.

To buy the best diet, buy a diet that you’ll be comfortable using. This way you’ll be more likely to stick to it and achieve your losing fat goals.


Obviously it makes no sense to buy a diet that is not effective at losing fat. You already have that kind of diet.

But just because you lose weight with some particular diet does not mean that it is effective. If that diet does not result in your being able to SAFELY lose weight, its effectiveness is nullified by its destructiveness. So buy the best diet to help you SAFELY lose weight. There are many weight loss diets available. But the key here is safety and not all weight loss diets are safe.

To be effective a diet must help you lose weight, leave you feeling better, and result in your having more energy and vitality. And ultimately, it must contribute to your overall health.


To buy the best diet you need to buy a diet that you can live with permanently. Look at it like this: you already have a diet – – and it’s not working for you because now you have to go about losing fat. So you want a diet that you can ease into through a comfortable transition and end up using as part of your lifestyle. It’s not just to lose weight now. It’s to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.

If you go on some weirdo diet to lose a bunch of weight fast and then inevitably revert to your old eating pattern because you’re sick of the diet, you’ll regain all of your lost weight and probably some extra to boot. This is classic yo-yo dieting.

Don’t go there. It’s frustrating and dangerous. Buy the best diet that will provide you with the tools to integrate your new diet into your life with ease, enjoyment and grace.


This is SO important! Any diet you use must provide you with the full complement of calories and nutrients that your body needs to support your lifestyle and maintain optimal health.

Sure, the latest cabbage soup and jalepeno diet may have you quickly losing fat. But it, and many of the “fad” diets like it, will starve your body of the essential nutrients you need for best physical and mental performance.

So buy the best diet that will guarantee you the best from a nutritional standpoint.

If you’re not sure of your nutritional requirements, you can spend some time at

 Mayo Clinic Nutrition and Healthy Eating to learn about it from a highly credible source.

So those are the criteria from Losing Fat Facts on how to buy the best diet.

Reading through the criteria and thinking about each of them, it seems fairly common sense and straight forward. That is, of course, until you try to apply the criteria to any specific diet plan.

Over the years, that’s what we’ve done. To date we’ve come across only one diet plan that fulfills all of these criteria. It’s affordable, adaptable, stress-free, VERY effective, long term, and highly credible.

Imagine,  if you will  a diet that’s affordable, you can adapt to your lifestyle, helps you lose weight and keep it off, and is healthy for you. 

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Remember that before starting on any diet or exercise program, be sure to check with your physician first to get their concurrence and advice about your plans and goals.

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