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 This is the first of several product reviews to be posted on Losing Fat Facts. This product was selected to be first because in our view, The Diet Solution Program is by far the best tool you can use to safely lose weight and achieve your ideal weight on a long term basis. 

Don’t be confused by the title of this post. We called it Diet Solution Program Reviews because it’s something of a compilation of the many reviews available for this very popular product.

We personally are users of The Diet Solution Program and have been successfully using it for several years. This program is the primary tool which provided me with the knowledge to break the yo-yo weight problem I described in our About Us page.

But beyond our personal perspectives, you need more than just the testimony of a couple of people.

So what we’ve done is “prowled” around the Internet studying other diet solution program reviews and scoured through forums to compile and distill the real facts about this program as experienced and expressed by lots of other folks.

Following is what we found:


1. It’s frequent both for forums and diet solution program reviews to reference the impressive credentials of the program’s creator, Isabel De Los Rios.

  • COMMENT: While it would be more impressive to see that “Dr.” in front of her name, she IS degreed, credentialed, and experienced. So she is credible. And from all that Losing Fat Facts has learned, she’s also ethical.

2. In forum discussions, even long time dieters and students of personal health have been amazed at how much knowledge they gained by studying the The Diet Solution Program materials. Many mainstream “truths” about both good and bad dieting principles are exposed as false with the real facts clearly expressed.  

  • COMMENT: This is really saying that Isabel’s nutrition information conforms to the latest research. Remember that not too awfully long ago eggs were almost a taboo food item because of cholesterol fears. Now they rank as practically a miracle food.

The Diet Solution Program package contains a huge amount of material to study and absorb. That could be intimidating, but it’s not because Isabel has included a “Quick Start Guide” in the package so you can start to apply her diet principles within hours of getting the package. This way, you can start losing fat right away while you study the full package to learn refinements and gradually integrate all of the principles into your lifestyle. Good Stuff!

3. Many Diet solution program reviews point out that the program can be easily adjusted to suit each person’s actual metabolic needs. This is not, as most diet plans are, a “one size fits all” program. Each person is different and people appreciate that The Diet Solution Program shows them how to start losing fat immediately by eating according to their actual bodily needs.

  • COMMENT: Some in the medical community question Isabel’s metabolic typing process. But in fairness to her, it’s a very practical way to address the fact that different people like different things and that there are ways to address those varying likes and urges and assure a healthy outcome. Also in fairness to her, because of the way she has implemented this metabolic typing process in her program, it works! 
    Often, diet solution program reviews point out that people feel comfortable with the fact that this is not weirdo, fad stuff. And when people start the Diet Solution Program, they are shocked at its basic simplicity and also at the generous portions of food allowed while still quickly losing fat.

    • COMMENT: True, the Diet Solution Program is not weirdo, fad stuff. But it’s simplicity can take some getting used to because it’s almost like not dieting. Most diets have a “hunger factor” built into them which is why people dread dieting. But The Diet Solution Program has a “feel satisfied factor” built into it. So as long as a person trusts the instructions and follows the protocols, positive results will happen. And those generous portions – – they come with the warning to not overdo it.

    5. Both in forums and in diet solution program reviews it’s pointed out that people like the fact that the product can be purchased with a 100%, iron clad, 60 day money back guarantee.

    • COMMENT: No issue here. The product is sold using Clickbank as the payment processor; and Clickbank requires the 60 day money back agreement and will enforce it too.

    6. Forum postings and diet solution program reviews frequently mention the huge side effects of the program. These side effects are an improved sense of well being with increased health, energy, and vitality. Many reported they even looked better and had better skin tone.

    • COMMENT: These types of benefits are not unique to The Diet Solution Program. To safely lose weight, any diet focused on healthy eating will provide these benefits in addition to losing fat. However, the real magic of “healthy eating” is to understand how to properly balance the healthy foods you eat. This is a key aspect of The Diet Solution Program.

    7. In a couple of forum postings concerns were expressed that The Diet Solution Program may not be appropriate for diabetics. Other forum posters responded that this was not the case and that provisions existed within the program’s instructions for diabetics.

    • COMMENT: The responses are correct – – but there is not a specific segment in the program addressed to diabetes. Rather, it’s addressed in a very extensive FAQ section of the program manual and describes how to adjust the program for diabetes. The FAQ section also addresses other topics such as cellulite, using the program for vegetarians, celiac disease, muscle building while losing weight, arthritis, etc.. In fact, the FAQ section of the program materials is amazing.

    8. Diet solution program reviews as well as forum postings attest to the most important thing about the program – – IT TOTALLY WORKS.

    • COMMENT: For those people for whom it worked, they committed to it. They did their part as the program guided and recommended. Also, folks that claimed the program works often observed that the program facilitates a lifestyle change so that after losing weight, they were able to maintain their healthy weight over the long term. 


    1. In a discussion forum some folks complained because as they watched the sales video, there were pictures of physical books shown. Yet after purchasing the product they learned that it was a digital product for download to their computer.

    • COMMENT: The Diet Solution Program digital product is not locked. It can be printed from your computer AND there is an option on the checkout page as well as on the downloaded digital product for you to purchase The Diet Solution Program as hard-copy books to be delivered to your mailbox.

    2. Both in forums and in diet solution program reviews it was observed, sometimes negatively, that the The Diet Solution Program strongly recommends the use of only organic foods.

    • COMMENT: Well we’re very conflicted here because this item could just as well be posted in the “positives” list. It’s fairly common knowledge that consuming foods laced with pesticides and herbicides, and consuming foods grown with synthetic fertilizers is just plain not healthy. But many people object to the higher cost of organic foods. And some folks don’t see the importance of being on the “green” side of the food chain. So here this item is, on the “negatives” list.

    Not all forums and diet solution program reviews portrayed this “organic” topic as negative. But some did and it’s our job at Losing Fat Facts to bring you the facts. It’s a fact that in the program, organic eating is strongly advised. However, it’s an advisement and not a requirement. The Diet Solution Program will still work for you  without going organic. But you’ll miss out on the overall long term benefits of the program. So is the “organics” thing a positive or a negative? You decide.

    3. One of the diet solution program reviews warned people about the long video sales letter.

    • COMMENT: True, it’s fairly lengthy – – about 27 minutes of pause-able video. But Isabel does more in this video than sales; she teaches too. In fact, most of the video is about teaching and it contains very little sales talk. There are actually many solid nuggets of dieting information sprinkled throughout the video. This was not mentioned by this or any other  basher type diet solution program reviews.

    4. In one of the diet solution program reviews there was actually a complaint that not enough information about exercise was included in The Diet Solution Program.

    • COMMENT: Hello – – The name of the product is “The Diet Solution Program”. It is not named “The Diet and Exercise Solution Program”. This is one of the diet solution program reviews that was posted on a site that requires uniqueness. Wow, what a way to be unique. Isabel is degreed and experienced in exercise physiology, but this product is geared completely toward the diet aspects of losing fat. Perhaps in the future she’ll publish a separate exercise solution program. But for now, “what you see is what you get”.

    5. In one of the basher type diet solution program reviews was the statement that the program claims to provide for losing fat without counting calories; but the whole program is about counting calories. Thus the program relies on false advertising.

    • COMMENT: This is totally false. The program is about the correct combination of foods in appropriate proportions for your body type. In fact, Isabel implores you to not get lured into the calorie counting trap. She calls the calorie counting approach unsustainable and unhealthy over the long term. Go ahead, check it out for yourself. It’s on page 23 of her manual. She does promote calorie awareness and that’s a prudent thing for any diet to do. Find a diet that does not address the calorie issue and you’ve just found a non-diet.


    Out of the many thousands of this product that have been purchased by people, there were a few complaints about packaging and marketing, a couple of which were posted by dubious diet solution program reviews. But no people complained saying The Diet Solution Program was not practical or not effective. And no one complained that it didn’t deliver the results promised. Quite the contrary in fact. Results very often exceeded expectations.  

    The Diet Solution Program is the most comprehensive and detailed nutrition manual available on the market today.

    Losing Fat Facts endorses The Diet Solution Program wholeheartedly and recommends that you use it to safely lose weight.

    The Diet Solution Program rating is 5 stars. 

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    Whatever program you decide to use, remember that before starting on any diet or exercise program, be sure to check with your physician first to get their concurrence and advice about your plans and goals.

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