If you, like so many other people are feeling plagued by having a double chin, the first thing to do is learn a little about the phenomenon. That way you’ll have a better understanding of how to best proceed with double chin help.

Start by understanding that there are three basic factors that determine your double chin.

The First Factor:

Genetics – – You may be genetically predisposed to having a double chin. This means more than just pointing at a relative and saying “they got it and so do I” because the other two factors have to be considered as well. But your genetics influence the musculature of your face as well as your bone structure and fat deposit characteristics. A round face may not necessarily have more fat deposits under the chin, but what deposits are there will be more evident simply because of the shape of your face. If you have this situation and the rest of your body is slim, there’s little if any double chin help available for you. But read on because the second factor may be the culprit in your case.

The Second Factor:

Age – – Your age has a large bearing on development of a double chin. As we age, the muscles lose tone and the skin gets thinner and less elastic. Together, the loss of muscle tone, skin thinning, and reduced elasticity create a sagging droopy look. There’s only one remedy for getting older and we all use it sooner or later. Try to make it as “later” as possible. But while still among the living, there is some double chin help in the videos below as far as those sagging muscles are concerned.

The Third Factor:

Excess Body Fat – – The third factor involved in having a double chin is excess body fat. But actually, this factor is best addressed as two separate but related issues.

The first issue is just plain old excess body fat. Your body is actually very selective in where it stores fat. It uses your sex and your genetics to determine where to store the next fat molecule. But it is also somewhat democratic in that no body part will be neglected when it comes to fat storage. The body says “got fat? O.K., all parts get some just that some parts get more than others.”

So if you need some double chin help, check out your legs; check out your belly; you cannot target to lose fat just from your double chin. You must lose fat from all over. Your body works the same way at losing fat as it does in storing fat – – a little from here, a little more from there.

The second issue about excess body fat affecting a double chin is bloat. This is not really a fat issue. It’s a fluid retention issue. But excess fat comes into play because some of that fluid retention occurs within fat cells.

So here’s a topic that may be affecting you more than you realize when it comes to having the appearance of a double chin. It’s also a topic for which there is immediate double chin help.

Bloating appears as puffiness of the face or swelling of the hands. It is caused by storage of fluid in the tissues. This storage is initiated primarily by sodium and sugary carbs.

Carbs cause bloating by attracting water, which makes muscles and fat deposits swell in size. Sodium causes inflammation in the body, causing it to retain fluid in an effort to dilute the sodium. So cutting down on sugary carbs and sodium from your diet can reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Besides cutting down on sugary carbs and sodium, here’s some double chin help that truly qualifies as “fighting fire with fire.” To beat the bloat caused by excess fluid storage, drink lots and lots of water. This will help flush excess sodium from your body and the portion of your double chin caused by bloat will start to disappear. Avoid sodium, sweets, and white flour products until your bloating is under control.

Your double chin may be caused by your genes, by your age, or by bloat. But if it’s caused by excess body fat, the only option you have for double chin help, short of surgery, is diet and exercise. For diet ideas, read the articles on Healthy Foods Weight Loss and Calorie Burner. Or, better yet – –

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For exercise ideas, check out the following videos specifically for double chin help. Other exercises for specific body areas are available in the articles posted about those body areas.

These videos are of Jack LaLanne demonstrating facial exercises. Mr. LaLanne passed away at age 96 in January 2011. He was described by the New York Times as the “father of the modern fitness movement.” Others as mentioned in Wikipedia have referred to him as “the Godfather of fitness.” Bottom line – – Jack LaLanne was “the real deal.”

The first video is from a TV broadcast many years ago. Not only does he demo the facial exercises but it includes an amazing facial muscle diagram. Pause the video and study it.


This video too is from many years ago and includes neck exercises as well as a warm down technique.


So do you think these exercises will provide you with double chin help? Well judge for yourself. This last video was made in about 2003 when Mr. LaLanne was 88 years old. It’s fair to say his years of exercising helped a bunch.


The videos here are for facial muscle toning. They will provide double chin help where a double chin is caused by poor muscle tone. The exercises are not a remedy for sagging or inelastic skin. And neither are they fat burners.

For fat burning exercises you need to include frequent cardio exercises in your routine as well as some strength training exercises too. And be sure to drink lots of water. It’s not just a good double chin help where bloat is involved. Water also boosts your metabolism and helps in losing fat.

Take this on slowly, and gradually build up to a full body workout. Do it in a way that you feel confident you can be consistent with. Make being fit and healthy a lifestyle.

And very importantly, remember that before starting on any diet or exercise program, be sure to check with your physician first to get their concurrence and advice about your plans and goals.

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