Hopefully your quest for a flatter stomach includes adding exercises to your lifestyle. You cannot achieve a flatter stomach through diet alone. You must exercise for a flatter stomach because to be flat, the muscles must be toned. And toned muscles only get that way through being worked.

Worked how? Well there are dozens of sites that advertise and recommend the “perfect” exercise for a flatter stomach.

But to get the word “straight from the horse’s mouth” it’s best to follow the findings of a top expert source – –

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Or, you can rely on what ACE says. Who and what is ACE? The acronym stands for “American Council of Exercise”. They are a highly regarded, completely legitimate, non-profit organization formed in 1985. They are “committed to achieving quality of life through safe and effective exercise and physical activity”. Their BBB non-profit rating is A+.  They have first class training as well as very stringent requirements for trainer certification.

In other words, they have a high level of credibility.  O.K., here’s what they recommend. In a research study they conducted to determine the best exercise for a flatter stomach, they came up with their list of the top three. In first place as the best exercise for a flatter stomach is the bicycle maneuver. In second place is the captain’s chair. And the third place exercise for a flatter stomach is crunches on an exercise ball.

Note that the first and third exercises can be done at home. You need only purchase a mat and an exercise ball. For the captain’s chair exercise, you’ll need to go to a reasonably well equipped gym to use the equipment. Perhaps having a gym membership works best for you because it keeps you inspired to persist. The choice is yours.

Also, you need not do all three exercises. Try them all and pick at least one for your most personally suited exercise for a flatter stomach. All of them are effective but what is great for others may not be great for you. Ideally you’ll find at least two of them that work for you. That will give some variety to your workouts and provide a more balanced muscle toning of your abdominals.

And if you buy an exercise ball, don’t skimp on cost. Sure, shop around, but buy quality. You don’t want to be in the middle of an exercise and have the ball suddenly deflate. That’s a potential 911 call. Buying a good one should cost somewhere around $50 to $60.

These exercises are doing tree things for you. First, they’re burning calories. Second, they’re toning your existing muscles. And third, they’re helping to build new muscle tissue. BUT, in order to build new muscle tissue, you need to include sources of LEAN protein in your diet.

Following are videos that provide demonstrations on how to to safely and effectively perform each ACE exercise for a flatter stomach.

The first video is produced by ACE. It actually contains several exercises. But the first one demoed is their number one exercise for a flatter stomach, the “bicycle maneuver”.


This second video demonstrates the “captain’s chair”. This is the ACE number two exercise for a flatter stomach. A specific video from ACE was not available for this exercise, but after reviewing several dozen videos, this one was selected to post here because of the credibility of its source (UCLA) and clarity of its instructions.


This third video is produced by ACE. It actually contains three exercises. The first one demoed is their number three exercise for a flatter stomach, the “crunches on an exercise ball”. Also, at the beginning of the video is some info on how to select an exercise ball.


As you exercise for a flatter stomach keep three very important things in mind.

First, be sure to drink plenty of water during and after your exercise routine. Your body must be well hydrated to perform the exercises to their best benefit and to maintain an increased metabolism.

Second, do not just do exercises that focus on the abdominal muscles. Find a mix of exercises to do so that all muscle groups are used. This helps burn calories and will lead to muscle growth and overall body toning in a balanced fashion.

And third, be sure to include cardio routines in your exercise program. This will keep your metabolism up, burn calories and be very healthy for your heart.

Please be sure that before starting on any diet or exercise program, you check with your physician first to get their concurrence and advice about your plans and goals

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