Typically it’s women who are most interested in learning about how to exercise for the inner thighs. But exercising the inner thighs is just as important for men as it is for women. That’s because these muscles, the leg adductors, run from your hips and pelvis down through your inner thighs and help stabilize your legs and knees. They are critical for the performance of many activities from simply walking to dancing, skating, and playing soccer or backyard basketball.

Just make sure you exercise for the inner thighs for the right reasons. Do these exercises to strengthen the muscles and to build new muscles. Don’t do the exercises thinking they will burn away fat from your inner thighs. The only way to lose fat from your inner thighs is to lose fat from your entire body. Doing exercise for your inner thighs will burn calories and that will help in losing fat. But you will lose that fat from your whole body in proportion to how your genetic makeup dictates its loss.

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For specific ideas on exercise for the inner thighs, there are dozens to choose from. Several are portrayed in the video selections below. Pick at least two, and preferably three or four, that you are comfortable doing and include them in your exercise routine. If you’re doing the exercises at home on your own, study the videos carefully to perform the exercises as best as you can according to the instructions. If you’re attending a gym, consult with a certified trainer for help; or ask them for their best ideas on how to exercise for the inner thighs.

There are some rather complicated and intense exercise ideas for the inner thighs. The following videos were selected for their simplicity and for the clarity of instruction provided. ACE has a complete repertoire of inner thigh exercises and some portrayed below are identical to ACE recommendations but are presented in the videos using different names.

The first exercise for the inner thighs is called “inner thigh raises”. You can do it at home with no equipment other than a mat,


This next exercise is called “leg lifts for inner thigh”. Again, you can do this at home with only a mat for equipment.


This exercise called “figure eight for inner thigh” is simple. And yet it’s sophisticated in that controlled motion is required; and the exercise is instantly adjustable to increase or decrease intensity – – good stuff!


This exercise for the inner thighs is called “diagonal lunge”. Pay close attention to instructions here to avoid knee or groin injury. It can be done at home with no equipment. But again, be careful.


This last exercise for the inner thighs is called “inner thigh squeezes” and needs to be done at a reasonably well equipped gym. Check with a certified instructor before using the equipment.


O.K., that’s it for the videos. Following are some tips on how to maximize your benefit from exercise for the inner thighs.

A. Include in your exercise routine exercises for all muscle groups; work your legs, arms, abs, back, chest, neck – – wherever there’s a muscle in your body, find a way to work it. The work burns calories and the muscles grow which burns even more calories.

B. Drink lots of water. Water provides hydration for your kidneys, the body’s primary filtration organ. Without enough water, your kidneys slow down and the liver takes over some filtration duties. And the liver thereby slows down its fat burning processes. So lots of water lets your liver burn fat for energy.

C. Take it slow. Exercise for the inner thighs involves very large muscles. Build up your repetitions for each exercise over a period of several workout sessions. If you hit it too hard to start with, you’ll have big time pain for a few days after. Slowly, slowly. Be gentle on yourself.

D. Cardio is good. ** Do lots of it. As many times a week as possible. Do running, jogging, brisk walking, dancing, shooting hoops – – whatever turns you on and gets your heart rate up for thirty minutes or so. The activity will burn calories and will jump start your metabolism to burn calories even faster.

** NOTE – (Mar. 2014) In recent months we’ve learned about new research that negates the use of cardio as a fat loss tool. Apparently cardio is good for certain health goals but is not suitable for general fat loss and may in fact be counter-productive for losing fat. We’ll do a lot more research on this and post conclusions and recommendations in the future. In the meantime there is still hope – –

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It’s o.k. to do cardio; just don’t overdo it and do it for the right reasons – – e.g., heart health. And for cardio, the basic idea is to just move and get your heart rate up. It can be anything you like, such as dancing, gardening, walking, or jogging. Make it something you enjoy doing and can easily commit to doing several times each week for at least a half hour per session.

E. Eat healthier foods. For losing fat, nutrition and exercise are equally important. For heart health avoid saturated fats opting instead for healthier, unsaturated fats. You don’t have to give up carbs, but you do need to choose healthier carbs such as bread and pastas made from whole grains. Include dairy products or some other calcium rich foods in your diet each day. Calcium burns fat.

And be sure that before starting on any diet or exercise program, you check with your physician first to get their concurrence and advice about your plans and goals

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