Yes, there really are foods that burn fat. In a world where so many people need to and want to lose weight, it sounds too good to be true. But there truly are healthy foods for weight loss. The scientific evidence proves that for people that eat certain of these foods, weight loss is more than it is for people that don’t eat those same foods. Even when all else remains the same for these two groups of people, those eating the healthy foods for weight loss  lose more weight, consistently.

Discussed below are three of the better known healthy foods for weight loss  which, per scientific evidence, burn fat. Following that are several more healthy foods for weight lose which have even greater benefits than being fat burners.

beans - one of the healthy foods for weight loss

Beans - one of the healthy foods for weight loss


Beans are a frequently chosen protein source for dieters. Beans contain a wholesome mix of protein and carbohydrates. They are challenging to digest, so it requires your body longer to digest them. This is a benefit of eating beans. This longer digestive process keeps your blood sugar stable and helps stave off the sense of being hungry.

And another huge benefit of eating beans is the fact that they are very high in fiber. Fiber gives your digestive system a great workout and thus keeps things running smoothly.

Plain beans are the best type of bean to consume. And that needn’t be as boring as it sounds. There are over 4000 varieties of beans grown in the United States alone. This includes peas, soybeans and lentils, all of which are in the bean family. Not all varieties have identical nutritional value, so do some homework to identify what works best for you in terms of nutritional benefit, taste, and availability.

What’s the best way to prepare this amazing food? Let your taste and your diet be your guide. Do a search for “healthy bean recipes” and you’re certain to find thousands of healthy ways to prepare your beans. Don’t forget too that sprouted beans make delicious and nutritional additions to salads. Perhaps you’ll find it fun to research home bean sprouting and start your own process of sprouting beans for your table. Be cautious with this though because some beans eaten raw can be toxic. Do your homework and have fun.

And by the way, it goes without saying that those tasty Boston baked beans or Mexican restaurant refried beans will totally sabotage your weight loss efforts. They contain too many calories and simple carbs from the ingredients used to prepare them.

skim milk - another of the healthy foods for weight loss

Skim milk - another of the healthy foods for weight loss


Of all the fat burning foods, dietary calcium is quite possibly the most well known and proven booster of the metabolism. As a matter of fact, scientific studies have proven that calcium causes weight loss. In a controlled study of two test groups of people, each group did exactly the same things except that one group was allowed several servings daily of calcium rich foods. The results were that the group that received the extra calcium lost close to three times the amount of weight as the group that didn’t get extra calcium.

So healthy foods for weight loss are foods that are high in calcium. Certain vegetables like broccoli are high in calcium but by far the most popular sources of calcium are dairy products. Products made from 2%, 1%, or fat-free milk provide the highest amount of calcium with the lowest amount of calories.

Totally fat-free skim milk is great at boosting your calcium input. And if you are lactose intolerant, shop around and you can find lactose free milk. This milk is processed with the enzyme lactase which breaks down the milk’s lactose into easily digestible parts. This lactase processing of milk is an enzymatic process not a synthetic chemical process. The resultant product is completely safe and contains all the nutritional value of un-processed milk.

To some people the taste of skim milk is “blah”, “yuck”. If that’s the case for you then experiment with various non-fat low calorie ways to “jazz” up the flavor more to your liking. And too, perhaps your mirror and bathroom scales can help re-educate your taste buds. Try adding skim milk to your diet. It’s one of those healthy foods for weight loss that’s well worth the effort to develop a liking for.

But another issue with skim milk or any high calcium diet is the possibility of suffering from calcium oxalate kidney stones. This is definitely a possibility but is easily avoidable by drinking plenty of water each day. And studies have shown that another way to prevent them is to include daily intake of citrus juice in your diet. Orange juice and lemon juice are said to be the most effective for this. However a recent NIH funded study conducted by the University of Texas has shown orange juice to be superior to lemon juice as a kidney stone remedy. But a word to the wise about this – – citrus juice, because of citric acid, is claimed to be harmful to tooth enamel. So it’s a good idea to follow a drink of citrus juice with a rinse of plain water. 

green tea - one of the "double-whammy"  healthy foods for weight loss

Green Tea - one of the "double-whammy" healthy foods for weight loss


Green tea is the third of the healthy foods for weight loss under consideration here. Green tea has been regarded by dieters as a miracle product for many years. For one thing, green tea is a mild diuretic and thus helps the body rid itself of retained fluid. Also, its small caffeine content speeds up your heart and metabolism slightly without creating stress on your body.

Studies conducted to determine green tea’s fat burning properties have yielded encouraging results. Tea drinkers who drink 4 – 6 cups of green tea each day will achieve faster weight loss than non-tea drinkers.

Beyond being one of the healthy foods for weight loss for dieters, green tea offers a super bonus. In drinking it you benefit by its potent antioxidants. This reduces potentially cancer causing free radicals in your body. We’ll have more to say about “bonus foods”  later in this article.

Water - the miracle diet additive

Water - The miracle molecule for your health


Correct, water has no nutrition and therefore can’t be claimed to be one of the healthy foods for  weight loss. But it still ranks high as an important way to reduce weight and burn fat.

For weight reduction, water dilutes sodium and combats bloating by forcing retained fluid from our bodies. And drinking water before and during a meal fills the stomach and thus reduces the appetite.

And water can also keep your metabolism running optimally. It does this by providing the kidneys, our primary filtration mechanism, with good hydration. The kidneys need good hydration to function properly. If the kidneys are deprived of adequate water they slow down and the liver then takes over some of those filtration functions.

While the liver can fulfill this backup filtration function, it’s best if it is left to perform a role it is better suited for which is to turn stored fat into usable energy. If lack of adequate water forces the liver to take on some of the kidneys’ filtration role, the liver’s fat metabolizing action will be slowed down. You can bring your metabolism back up to speed by drinking plenty of water each day.

How much is “plenty of water?”. The “old time” recommendations were  to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. But that’s a rather simplistic formula and you’ll need to adjust your water intake based on your weight, exercise level and other daily fluid intake such as green tea. But the idea is to drink plenty of water and that probably means more than you’re currently drinking. We’ll have more to say about specific water intake requirements in a future article.

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Hopefully you checked out the link above to learn about some very surprising  healthy foods for weight loss.  Whether you did or not,  below are yet  more foods that rank highly as healthy foods for weight loss.  These foods also will help in  losing fat  and safely lose weight. Plus the foods described below provide a “double whammy” health wise. Each of them has characteristics which provide additional health benefits beyond that gained by losing fat.

Previously we described green tea as having  bonus effects. Following are described more very tasty, “double whammy”, healthy foods for weight loss.

citrus - healthy food for weight loss with bonus benefits

citrus - A super "double-whammy" healthy food for weight loss


First, to shed some light on a misunderstanding, vitamin C and citric acid are two separate compounds. In other words, lemon juice contains both citric acid and vitamin C. But niether citric acid nor vitamin C contain each other.

But both compounds are found in citrus fruits and both have an effect on losing fat.

First, about vitamin C – –

You’ve no doubt heard that taking vitamin C when you feel a cold coming on will help combat the cold and possibly even prevent it from occurring. Vitamin C is a proven immunity booster. But for losing fat this immunity boosting attribute is just the bonus provided by vitamin C because it also accelerates the fat burning process. In fact studies have shown that people with adequate vitamin C burn 30% more fat during exercise than people without adequate vitamin C.

And about citric acid – –

Citric acid is an antioxidant and increases metabolism thus speeding up fat burning. Some studies have shown that it also breaks down fat molecules. The fat is then less likely to accumulate and more likely to be eliminated from the body.

Citrus fruits are high in both vitamin C and citric acid Thus they rank highly as one of the healthy foods for weight loss. And there’s a large variety of them to use including oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit and limes to name just a few of the more common ones. Try adding several kinds of citrus to your diet for a “double whammy” health benefit.

Ideally you should eat the whole fruit and get yet another benefit from the fiber (an additional aid to losing fat.) O.K., a little tough to do with lemons, but even for these you can grate the lemon zest over salads and juice the fruit into your salad with olive oil for a tasty, healthy dressing.

Citrus are truly one of the amazing healthy foods for weight loss. They come in a wide variety, are readily available, relatively inexpensive, and are very versatile to use. Couple this with their immune boosting and their fat burning powers. WOW. Get citrus into your diet. Carefully though – – like all things in life, add citrus into your diet in moderation. Some citrus, especially tangerines, are high in sugar content. Sugar = calories. Go easy on it and don’t let the bad overcome the good.

AND – – A HUGE CAUTION: The potency of certain prescription medications is doubled by the consumption of grapefruit. If you’re taking prescription meds, check with your doctor or pharmacist for an o.k. to eat grapefruit.

ginger - one of the "double-whammy" healthy foods for weight loss

Ginger - From the East, one of the amazing healthy foods for weight loss


Ginger is a very tasty fat-burner, and one of the more broadly beneficial healthy foods for weight loss. Acting as a vasodilator it allows the blood vessels to expand thereby improving blood circulation. This can significantly boost the metabolism. In fact, studies suggest that by eating, ginger people may lose as much as 20% more fat than folks not eating ginger.

But ginger has many more health benefits. Some are:

1. Ginger has has been proven to help lower cholesterol levels.

2. Ginger promotes secretion of mucus thus providing protection from stomach ulcers.

3. Ginger contains enzymes that function as catalysts for the proteins in your food. It thus aids digestion.

4. Ginger is frequently used to prevent nausea from motion-sickness or pregnancy related morning sickness. However, the flip side of this is that eating too much ginger has the opposite effect. You will get nauseous.

The flavors of ginger and citrus are very complementary. Do a search for recipes that include both of them. Think green beans or chicken or salad. Dishes that combine these two healthy foods for weight loss will be not just healthy, but delicious as well.

oatmeal  and oat bran -super "double-whammy" healthy foods for weight loss

Oatmeal and Oat Bran - Super "double-whammy" healthy foods for weight loss


As one of the healthy foods for weight loss, it’s hard to beat oatmeal. Because it is high in fiber, oatmeal stabilizes blood glucose levels thus preventing glucose spikes and crashes. Another factor in digesting oatmeal is that the carbs it contains, are complex and digest slowly. So you get a quick rise in energy for the first thing in the morning followed by a relatively long digestive process. In other words, it “sticks” with you for hours, keeping your appetite low and easily carrying you through to late morning or even lunchtime.

And because oatmeal is rather bland tasting, its flavor is easily amended with other healthy foods such as blueberries (more fiber), dried cranberries (vitamin C), or spices of your own choosing. And to really supercharge your oatmeal, cook it in skim milk and serve it with skim milk. Don’t overcook it or the milk will burn and taste “yucky”. But cooking it patiently, you’ll end up with two great healthy foods for weight loss combining to give you the fat burning benefits of both fiber and calcium.

The other healthy foods for weight loss discussed in this article have provided benefits beyond their roles in burning fat. And oatmeal also has a huge extra benefit. Oatmeal is proven to lower LDL (the bad stuff) cholesterol.

And by the way, though many people don’t care for it because it is super bland and lacks substance,  try oat bran.  You can add lots of things to it to give it “crunch” and flavor. And oat bran actually has almost twice the fiber content as oatmeal plus higher iron content.

There are other foods on the list of healthy foods for weight loss. They’ll be written about in future articles. But don’t wait for that. Include the foods described here in your diet now. If you start eating healthy foods for weight loss and drinking lots of water, you’ll jump start your metabolism and begin the process of healthy, permanent weight loss.  And all the while you’ll be experiencing less hunger, a higher metabolism and more energy.

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And very importantly, remember that before starting on any diet or exercise program, be sure to check with your physician first to get their concurrence and advice about your plans and goals.

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