For many people, losing belly fat is their primary focus of weight loss. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people search each month for solutions for their belly fat. Often the searches are aimed at fast and/or easy ways to lose belly fat. In this article is information to help to lose belly fat.  But one thing to get straight right away is that science has proven that genetics plays a role in weight gain. The implications of that and how to deal with it will be dealt with in a future article about help to lose belly fat. For now the discussion will relate to just us ordinary folks whose lifestyles and habits leave us cursed with belly fat and looking for how best to safely lose weight.

O.K., first the bad news.

Bad News Item #1.

You cannot target one specific area of your body for fat loss. Your liver is the primary organ responsible for fat metabolism and it converts fat into energy to fuel life functions. You can’t direct your liver to only burn belly fat. It operates rather single mindedly by taking some from here and some from there. Thus, to lose belly fat you must reduce your overall body fat percentage.

Bad News Item #2.

So you want your fat loss “fast”, huh? Well “fast” is a relative term. How fast is “fast”? Keep in mind that it probably took you quite a while to gain all of that excess weight. And it may take quite a while to lose it. There are ways to speed things up and those will be described later

Bad News Item #3.

And you want your fat loss “easy” too, right? “Easy” is also a relative term. What’s easy for someone else may not be easy for you. On the other hand, it may be easier than you think since help to lose belly fat does not involve tortuous hours of sit ups or “crash” starvation dieting.

By now you’re probably ready for some good news. There is help to lose belly fat and there’s a lot more good news than bad. To start with – –

Good News Item #1.

It’s possible with the right combination of diet and exercise to lose weight quickly and to end up with a more shapely belly. It’s not rocket science and it’s relatively easy to do given that you stay motivated to succeed and are willing to make the necessary changes. Depending on your current habits, the changes could be minor or major. Just be certain to make the changes gradually and thereby avoid getting stressed out about the process.

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Good News Item #2.

There is a large variety of tasty foods to eat that help to lose belly fat. The best foods include nutritious, slow digesting foods like whole grain breads and pastas, lean meat or tofu, ginger, whole nuts, fibrous fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy products, citrus, olive oil, oatmeal, green tea, and avocados. This is only a very small list of foods that help to lose belly fat. For example you can also use ginger for weight loss. And don’t forget turmeric which you can use for weight loss. With a little creative meal prepping, just the foods on this list can be turned into delicious, healthy, fat burning meals. Not only that, certain of these foods, such as the high calcium low fat dairy products, promote fast weight loss.

Good News Item #3.

A sensible exercise routine will provide you with loads of benefits including better sleep, improved mood, improved heart health, improved skin and appearance, and yes, help to lose belly fat.

What is a “sensible” exercise routine? You need two types of exercise; one kind called “cardio” for cardiovascular and heart health, and the other kind is strength training to  tone and build muscles.

For cardio exercises, the idea is to just move. It can be  walking briskly, or swimming, or dancing, or jogging, even gardening. The idea is to find something you like and do it regularly for some time each week. Your heart health will improve, and the fat will start to burn off – even from your belly*. This is the result of improved circulation in combination with the calories burned doing the activity.

*But here’s A HUGE CAUTION about using cardio in your exercise program. Use it for the right reason, e.g. cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that excessive cardio can actually prevent loss of belly fat.

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For strength training find a regimen that you enjoy and can stick to regularly on a permanent basis. Shoot for thirty minutes three times per week. Mix up the exercises so that you rotate to different parts of your body each time. For example, on Monday work on your arms and shoulders. Then Wednesday work on your abs and core. On Friday work on your legs and lower body.

This will help to lose belly fat in two ways. First, the exercises themselves will burn calories. And secondly, your muscle tone will improve and you’ll gain some muscle. And muscle requires more calories to maintain than other tissues so you’ll get a metabolic boost to burn calories faster.

Initially it’s hard to do an exercise routine if you’re not used to physical activity. For one thing excess body weight requires more effort to move. And too if you’ve been sedentary, you’ll get winded easily. And worst of all, in the early stages of a new diet and exercise program, you see no changes. But start slowly, increase your exercise gradually and keep at it.

The muscles you’re hoping to see are already there. You were born with them. Your exercise will tone them. As you lose weight, the fat layer will melt away and your muscles, hidden by that fat, will appear.

Perhaps you’re not interested in having “showy” muscles. That’s o.k.. But having well toned muscles, whether they ripple and protrude or not, is an enormous health benefit. It’s good for your heart, it’s good for your circulation, and you’ll feel better too which is also good for your health. So even if big muscles are not your cup of tea, muscle toning by exercise is a huge help to lose belly fat and well worth the investment of time and effort. And besides, after a while you’ll probably get used to it and enjoy it. Quote, unquote “try it, you’ll like it”.

Good News Item #4.

Did you catch the last part of the last sentence of good news item #1? It reads “avoid getting stressed out about the process.” This is critical. Stress will not help to lose belly fat. In fact just the opposite occurs because stress causes the body to release cortisol. This hormone forces the body to go into self-preservation mode, hanging on to extra calories by storing them as abdominal fat. It also triggers the appetite. This is not to suggest eliminating all stress from your life. That’s not possible, especially in our modern world.
Just don’t get all stressed out about your new diet and exercise routine. Be persistent and consistent, but not to the point of zealotry. Be gentle with yourself and remember that you’re not dieting; you’re just changing your diet from one that didn’t work for you to one that will. If you approach things using this perspective, you’ll be much happier, which in itself will help to lose belly fat. And more quickly and easily than you could have imagined, you’ll also be much thinner.

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Oh, and don’t forget to drink lots of water. Water is a very big help to lose belly fat.

Also don’t forget that before starting on any diet or exercise program, you should check with your physician first to get their concurrence and advice about your plans and goals.

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