You can call them “love handles” if you want, but you’ll change how you refer to them once some of their true medical implications manifest in your life. These fat deposits on your back and sides of your waist are actually extensions of belly fat. You need to lose belly fat and love handles to prevent serious medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes from happening to you. So they’re not just unsightly, they’re unhealthy.

Luckily, it’s possible to lose belly fat and love handles rather quickly by changing certain things in your lifestyle.

First, understand that it’s not possible to target one specific area of the body for fat loss. You must work at losing fat all over.

And second, the lifestyle changes you need to make may sound difficult but they are in reality quite easy once you make up your mind to do them. And actually, it’s likely that after settling in for a while with some of these lifestyle changes, you’ll grow to enjoy them.

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The changes you need to make to lose belly fat and love handles involve diet and exercise.

Diet to lose belly fat and love handles.

Other articles on this site such as  Healthy Foods For Weight Loss have described several of the best foods to eat for weight loss. And the weight loss they describe is about whole body weight loss. Again you cannot diet to just lose belly fat and love handles. It’s a whole body thing.

To briefly recap what’s been written about previously, your diet should focus on high fiber foods such as oatmeal, oat bran, beans and whole grains. And eat foods high in calcium such as low fat dairy, almonds, and vegetables such as broccoli. For a dedicated exercise routine you need sources of LEAN protein to help build and maintain muscle. This again includes dairy, plus fish, skinless chicken and very lean red meat.

And don’t try to completely eliminate fat from your diet. Your body needs fat to survive. Just be certain to eat only high quality fats (such as olive oil) and avoid trans-fat (such as often found in shortenings and some margarine among other places) like the plague that it is.

And to spice up your life a little while helping to lose belly fat and love handles through fat burning, find ways to include citrus, ginger, and green tea in your diet. It’s easy, they’re delicious.

And last but not least, sorry (not really) to keep harping on this but it’s important, drink lots of water.

O.K., so you’ve dieted away, made lifestyle changes and have trimmed down your body fat. You no longer feel the need to lose belly fat and love handles because they’re gone. Yes it’s possible to do this through diet alone. But it’s not likely you’ll be happy with the result because you will look “flabby.” The only way to avoid this result is to include – –

Exercises to lose belly fat and love handles.

The first thing to understand about exercising to lose belly fat and love handles is that exercise will NOT burn the fat from your belly and love handles. What it does is tone muscles in specific areas so that the muscles become visible AFTER you have reduced your total body fat. And the exercises burn calories just by the act of your doing them as well as increae your overall metabolism to burn calories even faster. A further benefit is that continuous exercising will build new muscle tissue. This is good if for no other reason than muscle tissue requires more calories to maintain than other tissues.

So create an exercise routine that contains both cardio ** and strength training.

**NOTE – (3-2014) In recent months I’ve learned about new research that negates the use of cardio for losing belly fat. Apparently cardio is good for certain health goals but is not suitable for losing belly fat and love handles. We’ll do a lot more research on this and post conclusions and recommendations in the future. In the meantime there is still hope – –

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So it’s o.k. to do cardio, just don’t overdo it and do it for the right reasons – – e.g., heart health. And for cardio, the basic idea is to just move and get your heart rate up. It can be anything you like, such as dancing, gardening, walking, or jogging. Make it something you enjoy doing and can easily commit to doing several times each week for at least a half hour per session.

Such a routine will burn calories just through the physical activity. And while cardio exercise WILL NOT increase your base metabolism (BMR), it will give it a short term boost which lasts for a while after completing the exercise thereby burning even more calories. Be certain to drink plenty of water during and after your routine. Your body needs to be well hydrated, and this too will boost your metabolism.

For strength exercises, here’s an interesting fact. Strength exercises WILL increase your BMR and thus burn more calories 24 hours a day.  To find out more about this read our article at  Your BMR To Lose Weight. To lose belly fat and love handles there are key exercises for the abdominal region including the obliques which are the muscles that extend down both sides of your abdomen. These muscles give us the strength to twist and turn. To target the obliques and abdominal muscles the best exercises as recommended by the American Council of Exercise are the bicycle maneuver, captain’s chair, and crunches on an exercise ball. Video demonstrations of these exercises are posted in a separate article called Exercise For A Flatter Stomach. You can review that article to learn how to properly perform each exercise. And if you really want to include an exercise program as a way to lose belly fat and love handles (an excellent idea) then

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As you get involved with exercise routines there are two important things to remember. First, here’s that water thing again, drink lots of it to stay well hydrated. And second, create a balanced exercise routine so that all muscle groups are exercised, not just abs and obliques. Strive for balanced whole body muscle toning.

And as always, please be sure that before starting on any diet or exercise program, you check with your physician first to get their concurrence and advice about your plans and goals

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