Your ability to successfully lose weight and become healthy rests on THREE pillars. Yes, three. You need a solid diet program, a solid exercise program. and – – (drum role, please) a solid mental program. In this article we’ll review an amazing tool called “Mindmovies” to use for developing your mental program. But first, some commentary about mental programs and programming.

Why Is A Solid Mental Program Important?

  • What can you achieve in life if you have a poor self-image?
  • How far will you get if you lack the personal strength and discipline to persevere?
  • What goals can you set if your attitude is one of hopelessness?
  • When being creative is something only other people do, how will you build something better for yourself?
  • If it’s difficult to cope with “stuff” the world throws at you daily, how can you cope additionally with changes you yourself initiate?
  • How miserable will you be without the ability to laugh at yourself when you occasionally err?
  • All of these qualities, self-image, perseverance, sense of hope, creativity, coping ability, humor and many more are products of your mental program(ming). It’s often the case though that the programs running in our minds were put there by others and not by ourselves.

    Parental upbringing, peer influences, and modern media have an astounding impact on the programs in our mind that we live our lives by. To discover the depth of that impact on yourself just ask “which of the beliefs, attitudes and perceptions about the world and myself do I create for myself?”

    The catch phrase there is “I create for myself“. And that’s where Mindmovies comes in because this tool gives you the capability to create your mental program yourself. Use it to edit/upgrade your self-image, perseverance, sense of hope, creativity, coping ability, humor and other attributes to the highest levels you can imagine.

    How Does Mindmovies Do This?

    Mindmovies is a software tool that lets you easily create your own videos for your personal repetitive replay to help you program/re-program your mind so that you are able to accomplish what’s important for YOU.

    The basic techniques that ensure positive outcomes through using this tool are visualization and affirmations. These two techniques are closely intertwined with the concepts of emotion and repetition.

    Is This Stuff For Real?

    The efficacy of these techniques has not and cannot be proven according to strict scientific protocols. However, this is not just new age “woo-woo” stuff. The ideas have been around for ages going clear back to Biblical times and before.

    You can believe in them or not; it’s your choice. But we at Losing Fat Facts, have used both visualization and affirmations successfully. We do believe in them. They Work! And it’s exciting to find a tool like Mindmovies that incorporates them both so we can use them even more easily and broadly.

    If you’re undecided about these techniques, you can check out what the Mayo Clinic says about “guided imagery” which is a facilitated form of visualization.

    You can also check on WebMD for information

    Here’s a snippet from the above WebMD article – – “You can also use it to help reach goals (such as losing weight or quitting smoking), manage pain, and promote healing.”

    And steroids are not the only way for top athletes to achieve great results. Many of them use visualization as part of their training regimen. Such super stars as Arnold Palmer, Jean Claude Killy, and Dwight Stones are just a few.
    Google “sports performance visualization” to find out more.

    What About Affirmations?

    This is simple human psychology based on repetition. If you tell a child often enough that he or she is great at math, guess what? The math scores will probably go up. And for adults – – you get it all the time on television. “Product xyz is the greatest”. After awhile, the only thing you remember at the store is product xyz.

    With Mindmovies, you get to be your own advertising executive and program your mind with anything you believe is important for YOU. By telling yourself repetitively and convincingly (see tips below) that you are successfully losing fat, the result will be that you act naturally and confidently in ways that facilitate losing fat: AND your lifestyle will “somehow” comfortably reorient itself to support your newly ingrained beliefs and your process of losing fat.

    We have rated the Mindmovies product as 4.0 stars.

    Well gee, you ask. If it’s so great, why not 5 stars? Mindmovies IS great, but a couple of factors prevent our highest rating. Read on.


    1. “Point and Click” Ease of Use:

    The software is super simple to use. Using the preloaded images, music and affirmations, you could make your first movie literally in minutes. Naturally you’ll want your movies deeply personalized so it will take you longer to plan them out and load the pieces tailored for the most meaning for YOU.

    2. Free Hosting:

    Your initial purchase price includes free hosting of your movies for life.

    3. Input Versatility:

    You can create your movie using the preloaded images, music, and affirmations that come with the software; OR you can upload your own images and music and add your own affirmations to those available.

    4. Facebook and Youtube Interface:

    You can directly access your Facebook account from the Mindmovies software to import images from your Facebook account; and after you’ve created your movie you can upload it to Facebook and Youtube if you choose to.

    5. Complete Topic Flexibility:

    You can use Mindmovies for any topic you choose AND you can make as many movies as you like. Make movies about losing fat, creating or improving relationships, advancing in your profession, creating a new business, managing a health issue, or, or, etc..

    6. Subliminal Suggestion Special Feature:

    A special subscription feature of Mindmovies provides the capability to load your movie onto your computer and have it play full-screen in the background as you do other work on your computer. You can adjust the volume and opacity to suit yourself so the music is barely audible and the images and affirmations barely visible. The result is that you subliminally program your mind while you do other things on your computer. This is a very powerful technique and its effectiveness has been proven. It’s so effective that it’s been made illegal for television broadcasters to use this technique.

    7. 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

    The product comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee. If for some reason within 60 days after purchase you decide that Mindmovies is not for you, then a simple phone call or e-mail to their support team will get you your full purchase price refunded.


    1. You Can’t Use Videos In Your movies:

    This is kind of stretching it a bit, but it would be really cool if you could load your own home videos into your movie and set them to your music and affirmations.

    2. Your Movies Have a Three Minute Limit:

    Three minutes just seems a little restrictive. What if your most inspiring music is longer than 3 minutes?

    3. The Cost:

    The one-time cost seems a bit “pricey”. Sure you get the use of some sophisticated software and lifetime hosting of your movies. But some folks will get “sticker shock” even though it’s a tool that can help you feel and look like a million bucks and maybe even help you make a million bucks too. So if your wallet can handle it, for what Mindmovies can help you achieve, it’s worth it at multiples of the price.

    4. Audio Limitations:

    It would be nice to use a microphone on your computer and SAY your affirmations. You could thus hear your own voice saying positive things as you play back your movies. You could however, create your own soundtrack by speaking over your music and then upload your soundtrack to your movie. A little tricky to do but very possible.

    5. Too Much “The Secret” Hype.

    This is a marketing thing and not a function or cost issue. Sure, Mindmovies uses some of the concepts described in “The Secret” such as the “Law of Attraction.” But Mindmovies is not some magic key to unlock mysterious powers. It’s a tool for a person to use known techniques to accomplish things for their life. To cloak it as utilizing “The Secret” is a turn-on for some folks. But it’s also a turn-off for lots of others who thereby pass up an opportunity to use a great tool.

    And the Bottom Line is:

    We strongly recommend Mindmovies as an excellent tool to use to build up your all important mental program to successfully set and achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

    CLICK HERE to Create Your Own Mental Program.

    Following are some samples of what other people have created with their Mindmovies tool.

    After the videos are a couple of tips on how best to use Mindmovies.

    (Note – – The links immediately below are to the same videos and are for people using feeds to read our articles since some feeds do not transfer Youtube video embed code.)

    The following video was not created using Mindmovies. But it is strong testimony of the awesome power of the human spirit. It clearly demonstrates what can be accomplished by developing the qualities of self-image, perseverance, sense of hope, creativity, coping ability and humor. You can learn more about the man who wrote the music at Check it out and leave your comment.

    When you start using Mindmovies, here are 2 tips to improve your results.

    1. Don’t create affirmations that reflect “need” such as “I need more money.” Create them as positives such as “I am successful in my – – .”

    2. Don’t just watch your movies mechanically. Let yourself FEEL the positive images, music and words. Feel it with as much intensity as possible. Your emotional energy will burn the truth of your creation into your conscious and sub-conscious mind.

    Your Mindmovies program support materials will provide many more valuable tips.

    CLICK HERE to program your mind for SUCCESS.

    Remember that before starting on any diet or exercise program, be sure to check with your physician first to get their concurrence and advice about your plans and goals. And this same advice holds true if you intend to use Mindmovies for any program that’s health related.

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