Reuters reported on February 1, 2011 that the FDA has rejected yet another new weight loss drug. This one, called Contrave, was submitted for approval by a California company called Orexigen Therapeutics. The rejection occurred because the FDA wants more proof that the drug will not cause heart problems.

This is the third new weight loss drug to be rejected since October of 2010. One was rejected because of potential heart problems and birth defects; the other rejection was for potential cancer risks.

The new weight loss drug, Contrave is not really a new drug at all. Rather, it’s a combination of two older drugs. One of them is Naltrexone used to aid in alcohol and drug addiction; and the other is Buproprion an antidepressant. Other news sources reported that in clinical trials the new drug resulted in forty percent of patients taking the drug for a year losing at least five percent of their body weight. Those results just barely meet the FDA’s efficacy rules.

Losing Fat Facts note – – This site has never advocated the use of drugs for weight loss.  The focus of this site is always on how to SAFELY lose weight.  And no drug yet has come close to fulfilling that mandate. We recognize that certainly for some people the idea of a “miracle pill” is appealing. That’s o.k.. It’s a matter of personal choice.

If you’re one of those people waiting for a new weight loss drug to help you in losing fat, the recommendation here is that you continue waiting until any new so-called miracle pill is proven beyond doubt. Ask yourself before taking some new weight loss drug “is losing 5% of my body fat in 1 year worth a heart attack, or stroke, or birth defects, or cancer?”

Or ask youself  “Do I want to wait, possibly for years, for some so-called miracle pill that will cost me big bucks for a prescription so I can lose a paltry 5% of my body weight in a year?”  Here’s a safer,  more effective and much less expensive alternative that you can do NOW  and avoid the potential nasty side effects of some drug – –

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Remember that before starting on any diet or exercise program, be sure to check with your physician first to get their concurrence and advice about your plans and goals.

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