On March 3, 2011 many news sources including such prominent names as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and CBS News, posted a story about a new medical device to help overcome obesity. The story is primarily about one person’s success in using a new device called a stomach pacemaker

Implanted on the walls of the stomach, the stomach pacemaker detects eating and drinking activity and creates electronic impulses that trick the stomach and brain into believing the stomach is full.

Patients experience a sensation of satiety and stop eating through loss of appetite. The individual in the story claimed the stomach pacemaker resulted in him eating only about half of the food he would normally eat. Trials have resulted in up to 20% of permanent weight loss.

The device was approved for use in Britain last month and is available for sale across the European Union.

To date 65 people have received the device as part of two separate trials conducted by U.S. pacemaker manufacturer Intrapace.

The article states “Other stomach pacemakers are on the market but most are used to relieve symptoms like nausea and vomiting, not to fight obesity.”

There is controversy in both the medical and academic communities about the long term effectiveness of the stomach pacemaker since patients can easily learn to ignore its signals and keep eating. And the device does nothing to address a patient’s potential underlying emotional issues which could actually be the cause of the overeating.

The only side effect so far from use of the stomach pacemaker has been infection linked to surgery even though the surgery used to implant it is minimally invasive “keyhole” surgery. It costs about $24,000 for the device inclusive of the surgery.  

Intrapace hopes to have the device available for use in the U.S. in 2014 after more data is available.

Losing Fat Facts note – – WOW, another miracle method to keep from overeating. And it’s available in Europe.

Just so you know more about the device, here’s a Youtube video recently released that explains it somewhat:

But hold on before you drag out your passport and checkbook. Here are some considerations.

  • No way would I let anybody put some gizmo inside me with only a 65 person trial. I’d wait for thousands to have successfully used it to be sure the law of unintended consequences was fully shaken out,
  • And at $24,000 a pop, (not counting travel expenses) I’d call that a significant side effect, although the stomach pacemaker device and procedure cost is claimed to be competitive with other weight loss surgical procedures.
  • Again, the article states “Other stomach pacemakers are on the market but most are used to relieve symptoms like nausea and vomiting, not to fight obesity.”

             This is a very misleading statement.

Go to http://www.webmd.com/. Use a search term of “stomach pacemaker and you’ll find on the second page of search results articles from 2001 and 2003 describing stomach pacemaker devices being used to fight obesity.

Then go to http://www.mayoclinic.com/. Using  the same “stomach pacemaker” search term, read Dr. Camilleri’s 2008 write up about the Mayo Clinic worldwide testing of a device. Note however that the Mayo Clinic stomach pacemaker functions by slowing digestion and not by reducing appetite.

Our final concern with use of this magical stomach pacemaker for losing fat is this. It’s not a way to safely lose weight. The device is not smart enough to know if you’re eating a healthy or unhealthy meal. A meal of steamed broccoli, a baked yam and a grilled salmon steak will get the same treatment as a meal of a double bacon-cheese with large fries and a chocolate shake. 

At Losing Fat Facts, we strongly believe that the safest, most effective method of losing fat is through a balance of diet and exercise. Devices come and go; pills, fads and amazing methods come and go. But following the requirements of your body will carry you through the long term.

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Remember that before starting on any diet or exercise program, be sure to check with your physician first to get their concurrence and advice about your plans and goals.

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