If you’re looking for a quick weight loss diet, we DO have one for your consideration described later in this article. But first understand that, in keeping with our motto to SAFELY lose weight, we have ISSUES with using a quick weight loss diet for losing fat.

Overall our concerns are that a quick weight loss diet can be very harmful to your body, affecting your health in several negative ways.

Quick Weight Loss Diet Issue # 1:

Your body requires a minimum number of calories to maintain life functions. Even with total inactivity you burn calories. It’s likely that a quick weight loss diet or “crash” starvation diet will not provide the needed calories. Your body will adjust to the calorie deficit by definitely leaving you feeling tired and lethargic. And it may even respond by burning muscle and organ tissue to fill the calorie deficit. This can cause organ damage. In addition, a starvation diet will likely be missing adequate vitamin and micro-nutrient intake, again leading to organ damage in addition to reduced mental capability.

It IS possible to go on a diet to lose weight quickly and do it with safety.

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The key is to learn the facts about losing fat and learn to act according to the rules that your body requires. First you need to define “fast weight loss”. How fast is fast? The answer is not in obsessive food deprivation because that is harmful to your body. The idea here is to be gentle with yourself and to listen to your body.

There are reasons for this concept of being gentle on yourself. One reason is:

Quick Weight Loss Diet Issue # 2:

If you make a sudden decision about losing weight and take on some “crash” program to lose lots of weight fast, you will put, not just your mind, but your body as well, under stress. Any kind of sudden change puts the whole of you under stress. Your body reacts to stress by producing the hormone cortisol, This is a very useful hormone, vital for survival. But when produced in excess it leads to fat gain because it triggers the appetite. The resultant fat gain is usually stored as belly fat, a VERY dangerous form of fat storage.

Quick Weight Loss Diet Issue # 3:

So here’s a real slap in the face where your body rebels. While you’re in agony going through your quick weight loss diet, guess what your body is doing. Sure you lose some weight fast but your body thinks it’s famine time and your metabolic rate drops like a stone.

This is called the “famine response“. The famine response is your body’s ages old natural defense mechanism for coping with extended periods of low food availability. When this defense takes over, your metabolism drops to conserve energy stores. Now you lose less and less weight and eventually your weight loss progress stops.

Quick Weight Loss Diet Issue # 4:

This is a HUGE issue about using a Quick Weight Loss Diet.

Here are some scary FACTS.

When you start on a quick weight loss diet, initially you will lose weight fast. You will be losing fat and you will SEE results quickly. BUT here’s what’s happening in your body.

Over the years as you accumulated fat, you presented your liver with a big problem.

As part of life in a modern society, you come in contact on a daily basis with hundreds of different chemicals. Some of them you ingest as drugs, agro-chemicals, or food additives.

A large number of them are not able to be metabolized by your liver and to protect you, your liver stores them away either in itself or in fat cells as it creates new fat cells.

In the normal course of events, as you burn fat cells for energy, these stored chemicals are released back into your system gradually and at a pace that allows your body to dispose of them efficiently.

But you come along with your quick weight loss diet and enlist your liver through calorie deprivation to burn massive amounts of fat cells. Your liver still can’t metabolize these chemicals and your body becomes flooded with them. They lodge in various places in your body, particularly in other organs. 

There’s a lot of controversy in the medical and weight loss industries about the potential for damage from this fast release of chemicals into your body.

Make your own decision about it but to us at Losing Fat Facts, it does not sound like a positive thing to have happening in your body.

Following are a some articles about various studies having to do with the release of toxins during weight loss.




For lots more info about this topic, Google “weight loss toxin release”.

While there is no miraculous instant weight loss trick, you can take steps to speed things along without resorting to a quick weight loss diet.

There are two sure-fire ways to safely speed up the weight loss process and to easily lose two pounds per week. Those methods will be described in a bit.

Those methods will continue in the vein of promoting safer, longer lasting methods of weight loss. But we understand that human nature being what it is, you came to a post titled “Quick Weight Loss Diet” looking for a quick weight loss diet. And now that we’ve explored some of the dangers of a quick weight loss diet, there is one proven diet plan that truly qualifies as a “quick weight loss diet” AND lets you avoid the dangers we’ve documented above. It’s an ingenious plan that operates in 5 cycles of 5 days each for a total of 25 days. In that period you will be losing fat at a rate of 1 pound per day for a total of 25 pounds of lost fat in 25 days.

But a word of warning here. This is an intense plan requiring total commitment for 25 days. If you break the rules you will NOT get the results and you’ll likely have to suffer through some or all of the quick weight loss diet issues we discussed earlier. But if you need to lose a few inches FAST, and if you can stick to this plan faithfully, it’s bye, bye 25 pounds of fat in 25 days!

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You can read our review of this diet plan here: xtreme fat loss diet

Note in the review that we fault the plan for not providing good transition methods to use before or after using the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. Following are a couple of suggested plans to use as transition diets before and particularly after using the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet:

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Now on to safer, less intense methods to lose weight and do it at a fairly fast rate.

The first method can easily result in losing a pound of weight per week. The method is to:

Increase your metabolism by eating the right foods.

Long periods of yo-yo dieting or indulgence in a quick weight loss diet can reduce your metabolism by as much as 30%. To get your metabolism back up to normal you’ll need to eat enough calories to provide your daily resting caloric needs plus any calories you need to fuel your body for whatever physical activities you’re involved in. How many calories is that? There is no simple answer to this question because so much depends on how badly damaged your metabolism is, what are the parameters of your body’s specific metabolic needs, your activity level, and how responsibly are you taking action to repair the damage.

In the weight loss industry there is much fanfare about dieting according to your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Certainly it’s good to know what your true caloric needs are as determined by your own metabolism. But the science of BMR calculations is at best a moving target with controversy and revisions occurring frequently. So use BMR numbers only as a general guide. Don’t get obsessed with them. The industry focus and resultant easily available numbers are some of the things that tempt people to adopt a quick weight loss diet. It truly is a case where a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And adopting a quick weight loss diet based on some formulaic number is not being gentle on yourself. In fact it’s downright stressful.

There’s an article on our site about using BMR. You can read it here:  Your BMR To Lose Weight

If it’s your choice to be scientific about your weight loss program, then by all means, go for it. But keep in mind that adhering to a set of dietary numbers implies that they be calculated based on the actual metabolic needs of your own body. If you can determine these needs accurately either through some as yet unknown scientific formula or, preferably, through a method of attuning to your own own bodily needs, then over the long term you will certainly attain your goal. Just make sure in the process that your overall diet is healthy and that you stay well hydrated.

But for many people, already under stress from today’s lifestyle demands, the rigors of a scientifically disciplined approach to dieting will result in failure. The idea of a “by the numbers” approach to dieting is why so many people are tempted to try a quick weight loss diet.

If you’re one of these already stressed folks, it’s better to just make an honest effort to eat a balanced diet and to get the bulk of your calories from “healthy sources” like lean protein, whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. This is especially true in the early stage of a weight loss program. And be sure to drink plenty of water. Interestingly, staying well hydrated will aid immensely in weight loss.

What does this “healthy sources” mean? Yes, it’s stated to focus on lean protein, whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. But in addition you know intuitively that a Big Mac with fries is much less healthy for you than a green salad with cottage cheese and fresh fruit. So you need to make a habit of choosing correctly for yourself and eating responsibly. And by the way, you’ll be surprised at what you can eat if you make proper allowances and adjustments in your total diet.  Another article on our site discusses several foods that burn calories and help increase your metabolism. Click on this link to read it.  Healthy Foods For Weight Loss. 

In that article pay particular attention to what is written about ginger. We’ll have much more to write about ginger in the future. But for now just know that ginger has been proven to increase metabolism so do use ginger for weight loss.

And the other thing you know, not just intuitively but physically as well, is when you’ve eaten too much. Get in touch with your body. Listen to it. Your stomach will tell you when it is starting to stretch. Learn to stop eating BEFORE it starts sending that message. Slowly, your stomach will shrink. You’ll feel less hungry and you will end up magically having eating habits more in tune with your actual needs.

Try this trick. Carry a small mirror with you and each time you’re tempted to do some binge eating, just look in the mirror to remind yourself of what you are on the road to accomplishing. Little by little, by eating more responsibly, that mirror will reflect your progress.

Essentially what’s being described here is a lifestyle change. Don’t let that term terrify you. Look at it like this. You’re already on a diet. It’s just that the diet you’re on is not healthy and doesn’t work for you. So you need to change that diet and form new habits and ways of doing things – – for your health and for your happiness. Such a change is a requirement if you are to keep your weight down after you’ve reached your goal.

This is another reason why a quick weight loss diet will fail. Such diet plans usually don’t have well developed methods for helping you transition from dieting to maintaining a healthy weight through a healthy lifestyle after you’ve attained your goal. What is being described here is a method of adjusting, slowly and gently, at the beginning of a process instead of trying to do it at the end where it will be infinitely more difficult.

Initially as you begin eating according to the standards of a lifestyle change healthy diet, you may actually gain some weight. Don’t let that force you off your new diet. Your body needs time to repair itself and restore your metabolic rate back to normal. After a few weeks of eating in a more healthy fashion, your metabolism will adjust upwards, you’ll be losing fat and the pounds will start to drop off. But to reiterate, be gentle on yourself. Start your weight loss program SLOWLY to avoid stress and to prevent your body from triggering the famine response described earlier in this article. So don’t punish yourself with a quick weight loss diet. Just eat healthy instead and enjoy life as the pounds melt away.

Once your metabolism has adjusted itself you can expect to lose a pound a week by maintaining a healthy balanced diet. And that number will jump to at least two pounds a week if you incorporate the second method to increase your metabolism.

So far we’ve discussed the first major way to increase your metabolism and help it recover from damage caused by using a quick weight loss diet. Now we will discuss the second major way to increase your metabolism and correspondingly speed up your weight loss. This second method, in combination with eating the right foods as described earlier should easily result in two pounds per week of weight loss.

The second way to boost your metabolism is to begin an exercise program.

Before you groan at needing to include exercise in your weight loss program, consider this. Exercise provides all kinds of health benefits including improved mood, sleeping more soundly, and increased strength. It also protects your heart and protects against metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes. These are perks that a quick weight loss diet cannot offer.

Our bodies are designed for motion and activity. Every feature of your physical being is intended for motion of some kind. And your metabolism is a very willing partner in this motion. In fact it thrives on motion. Just as your metabolism slows down when famine is sensed, it speeds up when increased activity is sensed. Incidentally, a quick weight loss diet will not accommodate an exercise routine because it will have you running such a calorie deficit that you’ll not be able to do exercises.

Exercise does not have to be drudgery. It can be fun too. The basic idea is to be in motion. Find something you like to do and do it regularly. It can be dancing, or bowling, or gardening, or walking – – literally whatever “turns you on”.Just move and strive to get your heart rate up for 30 minutes during each of several sessions per week. And if you incorporate some muscle activity like including weights with your motion, so much the better.

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When it comes to exercising with weights, here’s a motivator. Strength training will increase the volume of muscle in your body. And muscle burns calories faster than other tissues. Thus, with the same calorie intake, as you increase muscle, you quicken weight loss. But – – here it comes again – – be gentle on yourself. Start SLOWLY. And have fun at it. It’s your body, it thrives on motion. Enjoy it.

The most beneficial exercise routines combine cardio and strength training. Working up to it slowly, three to five hours per week of cardio exercise and one or two hours per week of strength training are enough to make dramatic changes in your body tone and overall fitness. In addition, your metabolism will increase, you’ll burn more calories faster and easier, and you’ll lose weight quickly. And remember to drink plenty of water throughout your entire diet and exercise program – – forever.

As a final thought on the topic of a quick weight loss diet, consider that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) counsels that diets that are too restrictive are unhealthy, and usually unsuccessful. So to start a quick weight loss diet is to risk not just failure, but your health as well.

And a further suggestion is that before starting on any diet or exercise program, be sure to check with your physician first to get their concurrence and advice about your plans and goals.

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