You see it as our by-line beneath our site name in the top banner. And we used it frequently in our articles. So what does “SAFELY Lose Weight” mean?

It’s a concept that is all too often ignored in the weight loss industry. There’s entirely too much attention addressed to “fast”, or “quick”, or “easy” weight loss. Certainly this is in response to what people are asking for. People decide to go on a diet to start losing fat and they want it over with NOW. But to safely lose weight does not meet the “NOW” requirement because it will take some time. So how long will it take?

Most nutritionists and dieticians recommend a weight loss goal of losing 1 to 2 pounds per week. This is supported by recommendations of the Mayo Clinic and is supported as well by findings published by the Center For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC).

There are a number of reasons for taking this conservative approach to losing fat. Some of them we documented in one of our articles. Read it here. Quick Weight Loss Diet.

There we discussed issues mostly related to nutritional and metabolic concerns.

If you make up your mind to safely lose weight, you’ll avoid the issues discussed in that article.

And too, throughout our articles we have written to:

1. Be gentle on yourself.
Your state of mind, your mental attitude is as important for weight loss as diet and exercise. If your attitude is defeatist or noncommittal, you will fail at weight loss. Losing fat is tough to do unless you prepare your mind to succeed.

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Set realistic goals and if you backslide once in a while, don’t beat yourself up. Just re-tune your resolve and go forward.

2. Do things in a balanced way.
Strive to do both a balanced diet and a balanced exercise routine that includes cardio and strength training. And for your exercises, do things to work all muscle groups. 

For your diet, if you properly balance your diet according to your body’s needs, you can eat generous meals while losing fat and still not have to count calories.

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And for your exercise, sure, focus on your main problem area; but not to the neglect of the rest of your body. A good program will let you target an area while paying appropriate attention to other body parts.

3. Proceed gradually.   
Make one change at a time and have confidence that each change you make can become a permanent lifestyle change. Here’s what the CDC says about this: “Healthy weight loss isn’t just about a “diet” or “program”. It’s about an ongoing lifestyle that includes long-term changes in daily eating and exercise habits.” Little by little, the changes add up. And also, doing things gradually is very important when it comes to doing exercise. To SAFELY lose weight, any new exercise routine must  be started slowly to avoid injury.

The issues discussed in this article are CRITICAL for the success of any weight loss program.

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And the following is VERY important to SAFELY lose weight. This statement or a close variant of it is posted at the bottom of all of our articles.

Remember that before starting on any diet or exercise program, be sure to check with your physician first to get their concurrence and advice about your plans and goals.

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